Use ThorPay to accept most of the
cryptocurrencies easily


Thorpay Features

  • User Friendly

    Using thorpay does not require any technical know how

  • Lighting Fast

    Transaction made through ThorPay take minimal time.

  • Instant Payment Notification

    Alert for transaction initiation is provided in real time, thus speeding up transaction completion.

  • Easy Integration

    Third party integration is very smooth and developer friendly.


Robust Security

Here are some ways we can help you process payments.

Distributed trust

Our Distributed Trust (dTrust) framework helps you establish custom signature configurations for your addresses. This feature exponentially enhances your system's security compared to the single-signature addresses in general use today.

Multi signature feature

To withdraw from our basic (default) addresses, 2 keys are needed. Multiple signatures have a number of security benefits over single-signature (regular) addresses.

No password system

None of our systems use passwords for access control, and all our internal systems are isolated from public access.

Use Cases

Micro Payment

Retail Sector

E Commerce

Third party integration

Mobile Platform

IT Industry

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